Julia Rodriguez-O'Donnell, LCSW
Julia Rodriguez-O'Donnell, LCSW


Depression and anxiety are a significant reason why many individuals seek counseling. Genetic, early childhood and later-life experiences all play a role in how mood and anxiety difficulties may affect us. While there have been tremendous strides in the last decade in understanding how centers in the brain regulate emotions and moods, and respond to chronic stress and anxiety, once these neurological patterns are established, symptoms may last long after the situational factors that led to the initial difficulties have passed.


By looking holistically at the physical, emotional, relational and spiritual aspects of depression and anxiety, we have the opportunity to identify and resolve past losses, change self-defeating habits, establish new patterns of thinking, behaving, and relating to significant others, and to benefit from medications as appropriate. I seek to find the blend of approaches that suits the needs of each unique person.



My Oregon practice is closed,

as I have relocated to Chapel Hill, North Carolina

July, 2016


Former clients can reach me via email info@jrodriguez-odonnell.com

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