Julia Rodriguez-O'Donnell, LCSW
Julia Rodriguez-O'Donnell, LCSW

Health and Medical Issues

Whether we are relatively healthy, facing a serious life illness, or have chronic health conditions, we can benefit from being as proactive as possible regarding our health and well-being, which often means exploring our relationships with our health providers, our social supports, and self-care habits.


I encourage my clients to better understand the mind-body connection between our physical health and our emotional well-being. The effects of stress, anxiety and depression are irrefutable. We need specific mindfulness and self-care strategies that we can incorporate into our daily lives. This is especially true if you are facing a specific medical diagnosis that preoccupies your daily life, causes chronic pain, and drains you of energy or hope.


I offer an array of self-care practices suited to each individual’s unique needs and abilities to help fortify your own resources for coping with health issues, and to shift to a more empowered and hopeful outlook. In addition, sessions that include family members can enhance the support they offer us, and help help them understand how illness affects everyone in the family.

My Oregon practice is closed,

as I have relocated to Chapel Hill, North Carolina

July, 2016


Former clients can reach me via email info@jrodriguez-odonnell.com

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