Julia Rodriguez-O'Donnell, LCSW
Julia Rodriguez-O'Donnell, LCSW

LGBT Issues

Sexual and gender minorities continue to face double standards and discrimination in many aspects of their lives. Individuals who are questioning their sexual or gender orientation need a safe and knowledgeable person with whom they can sort out their uncertain feelings and issues. Individuals and couples who are clear about their orientation, but who have other issues to address in therapy generally prefer to work with a therapist who has knowledge and experience with the LGBT community so that they won’t have to educate their therapist or answer questions about that area of their life. My experience and commitment to working with sexual minority clients benefits individuals and families seeking a LGBT-knowledgeable therapist.



My Oregon practice is closed,

as I have relocated to Chapel Hill, North Carolina

July, 2016


Former clients can reach me via email info@jrodriguez-odonnell.com

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