Julia Rodriguez-O'Donnell, LCSW
Julia Rodriguez-O'Donnell, LCSW

Therapy Model

My approach to therapy utilizes humanistic, narrative, family-of-origin, mind-body, sensorimotor, as well as evidence based practices, such as action and commitment therapy, motivational interviewing and solution-focused therapy.


A few of the specific ideas that inform my way of thinking about change and resolving problems are:


1.The notion that it is our interpretations of our experiences, not the experiences themselves, that most deeply shape our lives;


2. The usefulness in making sense out of how problems are influencing our lives and perhaps even serving some purpose (though that may seem counterintuitive); and the willingness to reexamine ourselves, create new perspectives, make different choices, and expand our possibilities;


3. The awareness that many problems emerge from social injustice, which we can acknowledge and challenge by recognizing the ability each of us has to speak out and influence change; and


4. The value of learning more about our family history and learning to remain calm and nonreactive in the face of situations and relationships that tend to cause us to overreact and act-out our unfinished business from our early family experiences.


In addition, my interest in multicultural relations and social justice in a rapidly changing global economy influences my approach to understanding the pressures facing many of us today. I strive to support equality and health at all levels of individual relationships and community.


Finally, I appreciate the wisdom of spiritual and philosophical traditions that emphasize the value of radical acceptance of what is, maintaining compassion in the face of adversity and pain, and committing to act on the greater principles of human evolution and actualization.


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